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How to Make your Perfumes Last Longer?

 Tired of taking your perfume bottle around with you all the time because it just lasts too short and vanishes before you even reach your destination?

Well, worry no more! We bring you a list of tips that will make sure your perfumes last longer and you don’t have to risk breaking your delicate perfume bottle while taking it from one place to another.

  • Go for a perfume with a stronger base product!

Scents of musk, vanilla, and amber will last longer because their particles are heavier than other particles like florals!

  • Take out your Vaseline and moisturizer from your closet!

Oils help retain fragrance for longer. Apply some Vaseline or oil-based moisturizer onto your skin and then apply the perfume. Not only will it retain the fragrance, but it will also make your skin better and softer!

  • Follow the popular label you read on all medicine: Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from sunlight.

Sunlight, specifically the UV rays in sunlight, can break down fragrance-producing particles in the perfume, leading to a less potent perfume. However, this doesn’t mean you go and keep your perfume bottles inside your refrigerator because it might soak up the smell of foods. Stay moderate! Keeping the perfumes in their original cardboard containers will help solve this issue.

  • Know the difference between an “eau de toilette” and an eau de parfum”

Eau de parfums are stronger and last longer than their “toilette” counterparts.

  • Know your hot points

Perfumes stick longer when applied to exposed areas which produce more body heat. This includes pulse points as well because body temperature is a little higher at those points.

We hope you have a refreshing, fragrance-full day ahead with these tips!



Keep Away Bad Luck on Friday 13th With These Perfumes


You’ve avoided the 1st Friday 13th in April, now with the next Friday the 13th in July, I suggest you raid the store and get yourselves some intoxicating perfumes to keep the scary vibes that day brings at bay! Below is a list of the top perfumes that you can use to distract yourself from the creepiness of that day.



For men:

With an impressive and unique golden and black bottle, this perfume tops the list. Its fragrance is the product of an exciting and charming mixture of cinnamon and amber amongst other, keeping you sniffing for more!


With a rich and masculine fragrance, this perfume is going to blow your mind (and your partner’s!). Named after the Greek God of love, it is bound to help you steer clear of demons and attract the ladies!

Contained in a classy, black flask, this impressive perfume has amber as its base note, which means its scent is long-lasting! As the name suggests, the scent is extremely intense and virile.

With a base note of citrus, this scent will leave you wanting more. It’s extremely refreshing and generates positive vibes. Perfect for everyday wear!



For women:


A sensual mixture of floral fragrances, this perfume is ideal for daily wear and comes in a unique bottle with a glass crystal on top. Feminine and classy, all-in-one!



With a very ladylike container and a soft, delicate, fruity smell, this perfume brings to you the height of femininity! The scent will have you obsessed in no time and your significant other won’t help but be all over you!



Get these and travel into a world of flowers, fruits, and amber, away from the bad luck that Friday the 13th brings!


Out of ideas for the upcoming Father’s Day and don’t want to give a typical “Best Father in the World” mug to your superhero? We’ve got you covered with a list of the best perfumes you could give to your old man this Father’s Day! Perfumes are, after all, way better than the other typical Father’s Day gifts.


With cedar and vanilla amongst the base notes, this perfume is the perfect gift for a masculine figure like your father! It’s simple, classy and masculine.



The packaging of the perfume is as masculine and classy as they get! If your father is fond of wearing suits and formal wear, this perfume is perfect for him. With a base note of tobacco, this perfume is going to take him through a ride in the classy world!



The perfect way to flatter your dad! Write a note saying something cheesy like this is definitely for you (because he’s a gentleman!) or just say it out loud. With a strong base note of wood, this perfume will last long when applied and satisfy his olfactory senses.


This strong, intoxicating scent will have your whole family addicted and your dad is definitely going to love it! The packaging is just cherry on top with the classy black glass bottle and the golden façade!




Buy one of these and you’ll not be disappointed. Your dad is going to love them! Also, whenever he gets a sniff of the perfume you give him, it will remind him of the lovely person who gifted it to him. So, grab this opportunity to get him a sensual perfume that he will never stop thanking you for!



Top Mother’s Day Perfume Gifts for Mom

With Mother’s Day around the corner, everyone heads to Google’s search bar to search for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. If you’re wondering that too, you’ve come to the right place. What makes perfumes the best Mother’s Day gift? Well, they’re delicate, feminine, classy, come in a pretty bottle and they’re going to sit on your mother’s dressing table for a long time, reminding her of you. To make it even easier for you, we’ve gathered a list of the top perfumes that will serve as the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

This perfume will satisfy and stimulate all her olfactory senses with its combination of a floral and fruity scent! It’s a “love at first smell” kind of perfume that will energize her!

Isn’t obvious why you should get this one? Angel for an angel. The name of the perfume would be enough to spread a smile across your mother’s face!

With an intoxicating base note of vanilla, this perfume is going to take her to an exciting, sensual journey.

This perfume will take her through a sensual journey of sandalwood and vanilla and leave her sniffing through her clothes the whole time!

Bound to make your mother fall in love, with both you and these perfume, forever! (Although she does already love you!) With base notes of caramel and vanilla, this perfume will have you addicted in no time! The classy, sexy packaging is just a cherry on top and will make your mother feel younger!

These are some of the top perfumes that we suggest you give to your mother considering the fragrance and packaging. We hope your mother has a very Happy Mother’s Day with these!

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